Bio: I am a student in college. I currently have no idea where my life is going, and while the prospective future is stressful, for now, I really do not care. I write for the reason that most people write. It is a creative medium that helps me vent my thoughts and my feelings. I started this blog for that purpose. Although, if others are actually interested in my blog, then, I hope you enjoy it, and leave comments too-- good or bad-- because it helps me improve my writing.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hey there!
    How are you? I like the fact that you write to ease yourself, because this is important, only when a soul is at peace – can a heart be at peace.
    Sending you good wishes, and just remember that ever cloud has a silver lining to it, and every soul is important on this planet. 🙂
    Stay You ❤


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